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CodeFund is an open source ad platform that connects software developers with highly relevant products, services, and brands through ethical advertising.

Why CodeFund?

Here are some of the features that make CodeFund a must-use advertising channel

Real-Time Analytics

We provide real-time analytics, statistics, budgets and earnings for both advertisers and publishers.

Open Source

Our platform is 100% open source. We are a team of developers and believe trust comes with openness.

Competitive Rates

Publishers receive anywhere from 50% to 68% of the revenue recognized by CodeFund.

Full Disclosure

Always know which properties your ads are appearing on, as well as who is advertising on your website.

Multiple Campaigns

Advertisers can run multiple campaigns at the same time, each targeting a different audience.

Easy to customize

Our ad creatives can be fully customized to look and perform the best on any website. We even have themes!

What is Ethical Advertising?

CodeFund has adopted and applied many of the ideas from Read the Docs on Ethical Advertising.

We do not track, profile, or sell information. We do not use cookies. We only show ads that are relevant and meaningful to the users.

These are not just words. Our platform is open source. We have no secrets on how we do things.

this is an actual ad:


Don't take our word for it. This is what our clients are saying about CodeFund
(formerly Code Sponsor)

Frequently Asked Questions

for publishers

How much can I make?

The earnings vary based on the website and advertisers willing to spend money on it. Typically we see around a 0.4% click rate (1 click per 250 impressions). Average earnings per click is around $0.50 but can fluctuate based on advertiser demand.

For example, a moderately popular website with 500,000 impressions per month at a 0.4% click rate with $.50 per click rate would generate approx $1,000/month.

for publishers

How often am I paid?

We pay the publishers in the first week of each month for the clicks generated the month prior. Currently we only support payments via PayPal. US tax laws apply.

for publishers

How do I get started?

Getting started is very easy. Just register your account, then add your websites that you believe will make good candidates for advertising. Remember, our advertisers are wanting to reach software developers. Documentation websites, blogs and online applications tend to work the best.

for advertisers

Which publisher websites are available?

We have amazing, high-traffic websites like, and, along with many others. Each property is pre-approved based on their impression volume and content. Once you have an advertiser account, you will be able to search and bid on individual websites for maximum ROI.

for advertisers

What is the minimum monthly ad spend?

In order to get a good sense of the value CodeFund can provide, we ask that all advertisers commit to a minimum of $250 for the first month. Typical advertisers spend between $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

for advertisers

Why would I use you over the other guys?

Our goal has always been to help sustain open source software through ethical advertising. We do not hide our information and make sure you have all the data you need to make effective decisions for maximum ROI.

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