Introducing CodeFund Jobs

CodeFund Jobs provides a way to find highly qualified passive engineering job candidates.

Try a more passive approach to hiring engineers

I live in a part of Utah that is known as Silicon Slopes. Within a 20 minute drive from my house, I can find big tech companies like eBay, Adobe, Pluralsight, Instructure,, Domo, and many many more.

There’s an interstate highway that runs through this small section of Utah. If you were to drive those 15 miles, you might see billboard such as this:

or this

I consider myself a senior software engineer. Looking back, billboards like these have had a pretty big impact on my decisions to change jobs. The developer challenges on the MX billboards led me to research and network into their company. The quirky, playful, and culturally relevant billboards from Domo got me to their door. The funny thing is, I wasn’t actively looking for a job. But I was open to better opportunities… if they came up.

After quite a bit of research on the topic, I discovered that I was a passive candidate for both companies.

Active vs. Passive Job Candidates

In 2016, LinkedIn performed a survey with over 26,000 of their members. The majority of those surveyed were already employed. Their results showed that 90% of global professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities, regardless of whether they are an active or passive job seeker.

When it comes to hiring, there are typically two types of candidates: Active and Passive.

  • Active candidates are actively looking for a new job or are keeping tabs on which jobs opportunities are available.
  • Passive candidatesare not considering changing jobs nor looking at what is available but would be open to the right opportunity.
Courtesy of ReadTheDocs

Job boards such as and do a great job in connecting active candidates with matching jobs. In fact, 32% of jobs are filled through job boards.

However, it is widely believed that passive candidates often lead to higher-quality employees. Passive candidates also make up over 60% of the global workforce. Manyhiring managers seek to get in front of candidates who aren’t actively looking to switch jobs. Such candidates are typically more qualified and are often a better fit culturally.

Recently, David Fischer from ReadTheDocs interviewed dozens of hiring managers to learn more about hiring processes at various companies. One of the big takeaways is that hiring managers wanted to reach candidates before they started actively looking.

Today we are excited to introduce CodeFund JobsA job board with a unique value proposition of connecting companies with both active and passive candidates. To truly appreciate the benefits this product offers, it’s important to understand how our job board is related to CodeFund Ads.

What is CodeFund Ads?

CodeFund Ads is an ethical advertising platform. Our goal is to fund the growth of the open source economy by funding software makers of all types. Maintainers, bloggers, and builders. We do this through unobtrusive non-tracking ethical ads.

  • We do not track visitors or place cookies
  • We do not allow 3rd party scripts (such as Google’s DoubleClick)
  • We only display relevant ads based on the context of the website, not the visitor.

Some of the websites we help fund are, and We currently generate over 10M ad impressions per month directly to an audience of software makers. And we are steadily increasing traffic month over month.

CodeFund Jobs = Active + Passive

CodeFund Jobs utilizes our existing publisher network to show open positions to highly qualified passive candidates… visiting sites related to the skills you’re looking to find. Here’s an example of one of our Jobs ads:

View Job on CodeFund Jobs

This job ad is configured to only display to a specific set of countries, and only on properties that match the keywords: Frontend, Hybrid & Mobile Web, JavaScript, and React.

CodeFund Jobs is a way to put a “digital billboard” in front of pre-qualified, passive candidates.

Yesterday, this job ad was displayed on over 60 publisher websites to thousands of passive candidates. What’s even more incredible is that over 100 people clicked on the ad to learn more.

Are you hiring?

Let us help you find the right candidates for your hard-to-hire tech jobs. Also, if you are a hiring manager or company recruiter and you’d like to share your experiences and help us, please get in touch.