Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for CodeFund?

We require that the applicant’s website must provide value to the open source community without cost. We also have a minimum requirement of at least 5,000 website page views per month.

How do withdraws work? What is the threshold?

We have a minimum amount of $20 to withdraw funds. Payments are made each month for all unpaid earnings through the prior month. We provide multiple forms of payment including PayPal, Transferwise, Stripe Connect (coming soon), ACH transfer (US only), and cryptocurrency (ETH).

How are the earnings compared to the Carbon Ads / BuySellAds?

Our pricing has nearly doubled over the past year. This price increase has directly impacted the earnings for our publishers. We have been told that our payouts are competitive to those of BuySellAds/Carbon Ad.

Where can I place the ads?

The ad(s) must be visible to a visitor without the need to scroll down, i.e. “above the fold.” This typically requires it to appear in the top 900px of the website. You can also use the `bottom-bar` template to have it fixed to the bottom.

Can I have multiple ads on the same page?

We currently do not support having multiple ads on the same page. This is something that is coming by end of June 2020. A workaround on this is to do something like this:,output​ (View “Optional Query String Parameters” documentation here). 


We typically only recommend this if there are two separate property ID’s that are used on the same page.

Why am I seeing “CodeFund does not have an advertiser for you at this time.”?

We work with campaign budgets that have daily and hourly caps. These budgets are also often targeting only specific countries. If you are viewing the site while budgets are no longer available, and there are no advertisers with budgets that target your geolocation, we display a fallback ad.

How are taxes handled?

Our publishers are responsible for their own taxes. For US residents, we provide tax documents. For those outside of the US, we do not file any documents. This is the responsibility of the publisher.

Why do I see more fallback ads?

From time to time, our advertisers have us remove websites from their targeting due to poor performance. When this happens, more fallback ads appear, driving the CPM down. This is no reflection on the value that publishers provide to their communities. It’s more so the value that the advertisers derive from their ads on their site. Publishers can turn off fallback ads at any time.

Can we fallback to our own native ads?

Yes, you can. In fact, our friends at Material-UI has implemented their own custom fallback logic in their React app.