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CodeFund helps you generate passive income without sacrificing your coding time or community trust

“CodeFund has hands-down beaten all my previous attempts to bring funding to a project via advertising. I’m a big fan and I love their dedication to open source projects.”

Remy Sharp
Creator, JSBin.com

“✨ CodeFund is an awesome initiative! No tracking, your privacy is safe. Help connecting OSS users to solutions for their problems. Help funding OSS projects development.”

Olivier Tassinari
Maintainer, Material UI

“CodeFund makes it easy for open source maintainers to get paid”

Open Source Maintainer, 100+ packages

Think of us as your funding agent

Our mission is to help grow and sustain open source. We have dedicated ourselves to building relationships with companies that want to fund your projects.


We find the advertisers

We find companies that provide products or services that are ideal for software engineers and sell them ad space on multiple websites, including yours.


You display the ad

Using either our in-house script or the API, you display the ethical advertisement on your website. Each time the ad is seen, your distribution amount increases.


We pay you monthly

Every month, we pay out distributions to our publishers for the prior month’s earnings. We have a minimum payout of $25.

Our Core Values

We have adopted and applied many of the ideas from Read the Docs on Ethical Advertising.




Share Knowledge




Open Source

We do not track, profile, or sell information. We do not use cookies. We only show ads that are relevant and meaningful to the users.

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